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Characters: Hana/Claude/Bennet and some extra little cameos.
Rating: soft R, mostly for language
Word count: 6,200ish. Blimey.
Disclaimer: Yeah, not even close to being mine. Damn it.
Summary: He wanted to say that he didn't need her help. That he was perfectly fine as he was, thanks very much. That Bennet, family sodding values notwithstanding, would be back around. He always came back. Regular bleedin' boomerang, Bennet. But it'd been six months, and it wasn't like Claude had ever been all that patient to begin with.
A/N: This is mildly AU, since Claude, Hana and Bennet are all working for Primatech at the same time. What? I can dream.

He's not bothered, really, when she hits him. Claude likes feisty girls, and Hana is nothing if not feisty.
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