amles80 (amles80) wrote in morallygrayfic,

Fic: Becoming A Company Man

Title: Becoming A Company Man
Author: amles80
Rating: PG-13
Characters/pairing: Noah Bennet/Angela Petrelli
Summary: This starts the moment after the beginning of ep 20 S 3, when Noah Bennet met Angela Petrelli in a car; he warns her about the situation, she gives him his umbrella. As Noah walks away, he becomes absorbed in memories of his youth, and he thinks about what Angela has meant to him during all these years…
Word count: 2 393
Notes: This community is not dead, is it?! I just found it the other day... and I thought that it needed an injection of Bennetrelli! More to come...

(Don't say I never did anything for you)

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