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Title: Qu’elle est belle
Author: amles80
Rating : PG-13
Characters : Angela Petrelli/Noah Bennet (Sandra, Arthur)
Summary : When young Noah Bennet invites the Petrellis to his wedding, it is because he has shared some unforgettable moments with Angela a couple of years earlier. Angela says that she won’t go, but she has a hard time getting Noah out of her head.
Prompt : # 2: Candles, Mystic table at[info]10iloveyou
Word count: 2 614
Notes: This is related, if not exactly a sequel, to Becoming A Company Man; the story differs a little. And regarding Heroes time line, it’s a prequel.
Dedicated to[info]lynchgrrrl88 and[info]firstlady1408 for encouraging my Angela/Noah ideas :)
Inspired by the Mireille Mathieu song “Qu’elle est belle” [“How beautiful she is!”].

(I know that you’re good at finding excuses for morally gray decisions, but you really don’t need to lecture me on that)
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