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Title: Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
Rating: PG-13 (or NC-17? I’m not good at this!)
Characters/Pairing: Angela Petrelli/Noah Bennet (some references to past Angela/Elle because I can’t resist a hint of femslash)
Summary: Noah Bennet is in a very gloomy mood this evening, feeling very lonely. So does Angela Petrelli. So why not spend the rest of the night together, like they’ve always wanted but never done before…
Spoilers/Warnings: No spoilers; post-season 3, but kind of vague, as I haven’t watched anything of season 4 yet (only read very little about it…)
Word count: 6 434
Note: This is based on a few ideas by firstlady1408: “longer Angela/Noah fic” and “I would love to see Angela let go just once and allow herself to feel, really feel... “, and this prompt: Both had crappy dinners at home, and “what if they both walked out on their families and came across each other...” – So, many thanks, and hope you’ll enjoy!
Note2: This can be read as a “part 3 of 3” fic, for those of you who like serials, and if so, the other parts are Becoming a Company Man , and Qu’elle est belle .

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
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